Review & Reputation Management
Do you know what people are saying about your business?

Are reviews and your online reputation important to you?

Do you have trouble managing all your reviews and/or wish you could get more?

Do you have any negative reviews that you would like to make go away?

Do you wish there was a service that could take care of all this with the guarantee that it will increase revenue and have more people leaving 5-star reviews?

If you answered yes to any of these, you should contact us today. We are Toronto’s top Reputation Management company. With the use of our proprietary software we can set you up and teach you how to manage it yourself, or if you’re too busy doing what you love and running your business, we can take care of everything for you!


of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation


of consumers read online reviews about local businesses


of consumers make decisions based on what online reviews say


of people search for local businesses online before looking anywhere else
What we can do for you.

Build Your Presence

Where are your customers looking? We already know about the major review sites – Yelp, Google, My Business, and Facebook. But what about the niche sites like Networx for contractors, or for lawyers. Finding the right sites, setting up the listing, and weeding out the sites that don’t bring value can be a lot of work. But we can help.

Manage Your Reputation

Many businesses know the importance of being present on review sites but don’t have the time to manage all their accounts and usually end up leaving them dormant. Pay attention to what what’s being said. Use the good reviews and learn from the bad ones. With our Mentions tool, knowing what happens in conversations across the web is easy and keeps you on top of it all.

Promote Your Business Online

We understand that you may not have huge marketing budgets. Therefore, it’s important to maximize your efforts everywhere possible. With the right tool, like our reputation management service, you can do a lot with not much. Share positive reviews, build a referral system, and showcase your wonderful customer service.
Missed Opportunities
  • More than 95% of people will choose the first two companies
  • 1100 searches a month for “Toronto Auto repair” locally – THAT’S 13,200 SEARCHES A YEAR!! that “Toronto Automotive Repair” is potentially missing out on, even though they have the keywords in their name
  • Are you willing to risk losing out on those searches for your business?
  • Don’t be  “Toronto Automotive Repair”
  • 30 minutes with one of our Reputation Management Consultants and we can tell you just how many searches you’re missing out on and get you on the right track

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